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Carpentry requires a considerable amount of skill, experience, and knowledge. Wood should be cut and shaped precisely, especially if it’s a part of the structure of your building. Our Edmonton construction experts know carpentry and framing like the back of their hand and will create solid structures that will last you for decades at a time. At Crown Contractors, you get excellent quality services at highly competitive prices. Here is an explanation of what we can do for you:


Roofs provide shelter and endure the onslaught of changing weather conditions. The structure must be resilient enough to withstand all of that pressure and still protect the building below it. Our Edmonton construction experts understand the roof installation process well and know what’s needed to ensure the roof will stay put for several years to come. Our construction crew are familiar with the best roofing materials available in the market today and will be able to offer you reliable and unbiased advice on all available options.


Floors are a big part your property’s décor and aesthetic value. Great flooring will add to the beauty of any room and will be able to endure high foot traffic as well. Poorly installed flooring will not only look bad but also deteriorate faster. You will be forced to replace the flooring sooner, which can be very expensive. Our team of Edmonton construction experts will help you choose great flooring materials that can fit into your budget and requirements.

Once you have made your decision to install a particular type and design of flooring, our Edmonton construction experts will plan a schedule and start working on the process. They will measure the floors, place orders for the materials, prepare the subfloor, and proceed with the installation.


Decks are some of the most popular upgrades for residential properties because they increase the amount of space available and add to the value of the building. A well-installed deck can be a beautiful place to host dinner parties or simply relax with your family and friends. Our Edmonton construction crew can install all kinds of decks on your property and ensure they are very secure and durable.

Our designers will help you plan the placement of the deck to ensure you get the best view. They will also explain the maintenance process, so you know how to extend the life of the structure and protect it from the elements.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Crown Contractors by phone or through our web form.